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Eyewitness News 5AM (HD, New) Local, statewide and national news events of the morning are examined by the Eyewitness News Team along with the latest weather and traffic reports.
Eyewitness News 6AM (HD, New) The Eyewitness News Team provides a look at overnight and early morning news events, along with the latest Los Angeles area weather and traffic reports.
Good Morning America (HD, New, TV-G) Actor Ramón Rodríguez from The One and Only Ivan; actors Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen from Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Localish Bay Area (Repeat) An ideal sauce for chips and Spam Fries are discussed; a virtual reality workout is conducted; a unique arcade is examined; remarkable macramé is examined.
All Good (Repeat, TV-G) People from all over the U.S. share the stories of the good deeds they have done for their loved ones, which includes the impact this made on their communities.
More in Common (Repeat, TV-G) A look is taken at how technology continues to radically change peoples lives in a wide variety of ways in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Best of Localish (Repeat, TV-G) Reviews of food and drink choices from cities across the U.S. put the spotlight on various community attractions, which include interviews from locals.
Bite Size America's Best Food From NY (Repeat, TV-G) An in-depth guide to different foods and drinks across the U.S. provides a closer look at the restaurants that prepare these over-the-top treats and cocktails.
Stroke of Genius LCL (Repeat, TV-G) Artists share the equipment and methods they use to create, which includes standard tools and unconventional approaches.

Grace Under Fire Pills (TV-14) Russell believes that all of his friends are being disloyal by shopping at the new chain store pharmacy that has opened in the neighborhood.
Grace Under Fire Waiting for Peugeot (TV-14) Jimmy tries to subvert Grace's rule that Quentin can't drive until his grades improve by purchasing a new car.
Grace Under Fire Birthin' Babies (TV-14) Grace arrives to rescue an anxious Nadine, who has gone into labor while Wade is away on an undercover assignment.
Grace Under Fire Vega$ (TV-14) Grace finds out that Rob hasn't invited her to his weekend getaway because he made plans with someone else, so she goes to Las Vegas with Jean.
Grace Under Fire Jimmy Moves In (TV-14) The building inspector tells Grace that she can only rent her garage apartment to family, and Russell has high hopes that she will let Floyd live there.
Grace Under Fire Quentin Gets His Gun (TV-14) While baby-sitting the children, Quentin goes outside to investigate a strange noise Libby heard, and he grabs Jimmy's rifle which accidentally goes off.
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