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« Good Morning America Saturday (Repeat)
Eyewitness News 8AM (HD, New) The local, regional and national news of the day and updates on sports, weather conditions and travel are offered by the Eyewitness Weekend News Team.
Eyewitness News 9AM (HD, New) A morning report of the latest news, items of interest in the Los Angeles area, sports scores and weather are provided by the Eyewitness Weekend News Team.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Rescue Mission (HD, New, TV-G) Jack sets out on a rescue mission and meets some charming animals, which includes Asian elephants, dolphins, horses and dogs.
Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Tuscan Adventure (HD, New, TV-G) In Livorno, Italy, Jeff explores Tuscany and meets the region's legendary butteri cowboys; Jeff and a local chef search for wild porcini mushrooms.

Eye on L.A. (TV-PG) Take an adventure through L.A. From style to food, meet the people; explore the places and moreā€¦ Discover something new, and have some fun in L.A.
Paid Program (TV-PG) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-PG) Sponsored television programming.
Motion Challenges and Rewards Along John Muir Trail (Repeat, TV-G) In California, Greg and his crew take eight viewers on a 30-mile section of the John Muir Trail.
Deals Healthy Happy Summer (Repeat, TV-G) Kat shows summer survival kits for traveling that help lessen the cost of traveling; creative uses for buttons; a simple wood necklace holder is made.
Food Rush Tasty Steak and Potato Sandwich (Repeat, TV-G) Ryan travels to his favorite sandwich spot in San Francisco to inspire him to make his own sandwich; Ryan takes a tour of the Golden Gate Meat Company.

Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Diving into Dominica (TV-G) Jack interacts with sperm whales and paddles up the Layou River in the Caribbean island of Dominica; Kathaleen also makes her first open water dive.
Recipe Rehab Pecan Pie (HD, TV-G) Chef Richard and Chef Vikki battle to see who can create a version of a family's favorite pecan pie recipe with the smallest amount of sugar possible.
Recipe Rehab Richard's Q&A #2 (HD, TV-G) Chef Richard takes a moment to answer questions from viewers, as well as shares his favorite tricks for the kitchen and displays must-haves from the market.
The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation Wrist Air Conditioner (HD, TV-G) An inventive new phone app that regulates health; the most notable trains in history; a watch device that works as a portable air conditioner.
The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation Solar Bike (HD, TV-G) A look at how viewers can transform their old smartphones into security systems; a bicycle that receives power from sunlight; a guitar tuning device.
Love's Kitchen (PG-13, **) When a promising London restaurateur loses his wife in a car crash, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay encourages him to start over by buying a pub in a country town.
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