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Fresh Off the Boat Workin' the 'Ween (HD, New, TV-PG) On Halloween night, Jessica and Louis try to wean Honey and Marvin's baby off her pacifier; Eddie lands a job, but he has to work by himself on Halloween.
Speechless I-N-- INTO THE W-O-- WOODS (HD, New, TV-PG) Maya's Halloween turns terrifying when JJ goes to a rave in the woods; Jimmy and Kenneth turn the DiMeo home into a haunted house.
Child Support (HD, New, TV-PG) Adult contestants attempt to answer 10 questions to receive the top prize, but if they respond incorrectly, they can be saved by five children.
20/20 (HD, New, TV-PG) After being put behind bars at age 11 for a murder he claims he didn't commit, a 21-year-old man speaks to correspondent Juju Chang about the case.

Pickler & Ben (HD, New) Kimberly Schlapman gives some table decorating tips; world champion beatboxer Kaila Mullady performs; chef Elizabeth Heiskell makes hot cheese squares.
Mexico: One Plate at a Time A Chef's Path (HD, TV-G) Rick explores Central de Abastos, makes carnitas, discusses the evolution of Mexican food, and prepares tomatillos, pork and potatoes at home.
Motion Belize (Repeat, TV-G) Greg and a guest hiker travel to tropical Belize for an overdue vacation, exploring Mayan ruins, scuba diving with sharks in the Caribbean and more.
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Paid Program (TV-PG) Sponsored television programming.

3rd Rock from the Sun Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space (TV-PG) Sally and Mr. Randall are fighting, but Dick believes that he has the answer to their relationship troubles; Harry agrees to try video blind dating.
3rd Rock from the Sun Much Ado About Dick (TV-PG) Dr. Albright is shy about being seen with Dick in public, prompting the Solomons to consider the human concern with what others will think.
That '70s Show That '70s Pilot (TV-14) In the 1970s, a high school teenager from a small town in Wisconsin hangs out with his close-knit group of friends in his parent's basement.
That '70s Show Eric's Birthday (TV-14) Even though he doesn't want one, Eric's parents throw him a surprise birthday party; Kelso tries to get together with Laurie; Donna gets advice from Jackie.
That '70s Show Streaking (TV-PG) Eric and the group plan to go streaking at President Ford's rally but everyone except Eric chickens out; Donna is forced to wear an American flag jumpsuit.
That '70s Show Battle of the Sexists (TV-14) After losing a game of basketball to Donna, Eric stops feeling like a man; Red starts trying to fix everything that doesn't need fixing.
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