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ABC7's Sunday Night Sports (New)
Castle XY (HD, TV-PG) While Beckett and Castle come to terms with Beckett's new career, a mysterious call from a stranger sets off a series of unexpected events.
Scandal No Sun on the Horizon (HD, TV-14) Fitz enters the first presidential debate with his answers ready, but Olivia tells him to change his plan entirely at the last minute for the good of all.
Paid Program (HD, TV-PG) Sponsored television programming.

Knock It Off! Sunroom (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Monica and Jess help a busy couple with a baby transform their sunroom back into a sunroom to relax in since they don't have time to make it over themselves.
Live Big with Ali Vincent Transforming Emily McGuiness (Repeat, TV-PG) Emily McGuiness dealt with her weight throughout her life, but Ali starts her on her journey to living big so her next clothes shopping trip will be fabulous.
Mirror/Mirror Discount Shopping (Repeat, TV-G) Rebecca help two up-and-coming designers showcase their spring line and get answers to more beauty questions some may be afraid to ask.
Deals Bulk Meat (Repeat, TV-G) Host Kat offers helpful tips on saving money by buying meat in bulk; a lesson on how to mix spices is presented; making clothes last longer is examined.
We Owe What? The Jarrett Family (Repeat, TV-G) Mary helps a generous couple who put their retirement on hold when their nieces and nephew came to live with them, putting a strain on their finances.
The Balancing Act (HD, TV-PG) Hosts Julie Moran, Olga Villaverde and Danielle Knox offer tips for women and by women to help today's female achieve success in life, love and work.

The Drew Carey Show A Speedy Recovery (TV-14) Drew finds an unexpected romance after he and Speedy get involved with an animal therapy program at a hospital; Oswald tries to land a date with Traylor.
Grace Under Fire Down in the Boondocks (TV-14) Grace welcomes Quentin's girlfriend's mother to stay at her home, but the Kellys have trouble adjusting to her lifestyle.
Grace Under Fire Grace Under Fire (TV-14) Grace takes a job in the local oil refinery in order to support her children after filing for a divorce from her abusive alcoholic husband.
Spin City The Gambler (TV-14) Charlie agrees to join the rest of the guys in their weekly poker night and the guys blame themselves when he goes on a gambling spree.
Spin City In the Company of Dudes (TV-14) Charlie's old college buddy causes trouble when he's hired to represent the Mayor in a lawsuit filed by a supermodel; an attractive female employee is hired.
Spin City The Image Maker (TV-14) Carter accidentally brings Stuart's domineering wife back into Stuart's life; an image consultant searches for a way to raise the Mayor's approval ratings.
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