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Mary Poppins (HD, TV-G, G, ***+) A magically perfect nanny encounters a family and offers both the kids and father a view of the world that values the love of friends and family over money.

My Family Recipe Rocks! Carnie Wilson in the Kitchen (Repeat, TV-G) Carnie Wilson prepares Hungarian pork chops and pumpkin-caramel-praline bread pudding for Joey from her cookbook, "To Serve with Love."
Let's Dish Prep One, Dine for Days! (Repeat, TV-G) Chef Chris demonstrates for the viewers how to prepare rice recipes which include Asian-marinated chicken breast and chicken soup for the week.
Deals Design for the Sexes (Repeat, TV-G) Home design and furniture style expert advice that will appeal to both sexes; Kat Cosley provides advice on how to help fix bumps, bruises, and dings.
Deals Clever Holiday Deals (Repeat, TV-G) Kat shows how to take holiday treats, such as ribbon candy, rock candy and peppermint sticks, and turn them into sweet holiday decor and ornaments.
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Paid Program (TV-PG) Sponsored television programming.

Cybill The Golden Years (TV-14) An elderly Cybill and Maryann come across an entry in Cybill's old diary that causes a rift between the two, so they travel back in time to resolve the issue.
Cybill Show Me the Minnie (TV-14) When the roof on Cybill's garage caves in, she attempts to get a loan from the bank, only to find that the loan officer is her disgruntled former fan Minnie.
Spin City The Wedding Scammer (TV-14) Caitlin convinces Charlie to pose as her boyfriend in order to impress her mother; Paul is invited to a fashion show by a childhood friend.
Spin City Fight Flub (TV-14) The Mayor's political opponent drops out of the race after suffering a heart attack, but his wife decides to run for mayor in his place.
Ellen Guys or Dolls (TV-PG) Ellen runs into an ex-boyfriend during a double date and is surprised to find that she still has feelings for a man she had nearly forgotten about.
Ellen Social Climber (TV-PG) Ellen takes an aerobics class with Spence and Paige and finds herself drawn to the instructor; Ellen attends a mountain-climbing trip.
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